Resiliency overcomes challenges

In today’s spinning society even the most secure are feeling dizzy with confusing chaos surrounding us. All of us are forced to deal with economic challenges, cultural changes, natural disasters, and/or unforeseen circumstances that seem beyond our control. We are constantly seeking new ways to manage the buildup of pressures associated with stressful living during these so-called tough times.

More than ever before we are realizing that we must develop unique approaches to survive, and expectantly thrive, and therefore learn coping mechanisms and develop better strategies to feel successful at home, at work, and in the community. It is obvious that we must always maintain a positive attitude and take constructive actions towards achieving our objectives, but attitude and action are not enough.

We must be resilient – we cannot let adversity take over their lives but rather focus on finding solutions and rising above difficulties.

I define resilience as the ability

* to accept ambiguity…to live in the mystery,
* to have faith in a better tomorrow,
* to draw upon an inner strength, and
* to recover quickly from setbacks.

While some people have an innate ability to bounce back, others must cultivate resilience because this attribute is necessary for living with increasing levels of constant change.

Resilient people

* believe in themselves,
* see the best in others,
* welcome new options, and
* trust in the ebb and flow of the universe.


These individuals not only survive the storm but they accept the pouring rain as an element necessary to wash away the toxins and create a balance in the organism, whether it be human or nature.

Resilient people may be abused, threatened, even harmed, but they stop blaming others for their problems and take responsibility for healing the past, accepting the present, and expecting a brighter future. Being resilient involves handling life’s stresses by avoiding feelings of helplessness and instead being proactive and confident in moving forward.

Resiliency is a consciousness-changing idea because it causes us to think differently and therefore affects our behaviors, modifies our actions, and influences everything in our environment. When we transforms everything else changes, and others are compelled to shift too.

When confronted with challenges we eventually realize that difficult situations force us to grow in wisdom so we can ultimately move to a higher level of living. Through resiliency we can enjoy taking risks, opening up to innovative possibilities, and experiencing unique opportunities.

Are you a resilient person?

Please share examples of how resiliency has benefitted you personally and professionally.

©2012, AlexSandra Lett

AlexSandra Lett is currently writing Going Crazy…Getting Sane, a book about reinventing ourselves personally and professionally.

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