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Rise and Shine
When “Sandy Lynn” was growing up on a big farm in rural North Carolina her father came to the bedroom she shared with her sister “Mary Carolyn” every morning and yelled at the top of his voice: “Rise and Shine.” “Sandy Lynn” did not shine on the farm and sought fame and fortune in the city.  Through originality, education, and experience she became AlexSandra the Great Communications Executive, however eventually she sought more authentic creative self-expression. In this presentation AlexSandra shares compelling stories and penetrating insights from her childhood and career to help others shine in their own light.
Lessons from the Farm
Being “raised” on a large farm and living in tune with seasons of the fields and cycles of the moon, AlexSandra “Sandy Lynn” Lett learned lessons that helped her to succeed in business and the arts. Her amusing anecdotes and interesting insights from her childhood and career demonstrate the importance of values, character, traditions, community, history, and innovation. Lessons include: sowing seeds and expecting a harvest, working hard, honoring cycles, taking risks, developing character, meeting others’ needs, cultivating a sense of humor, and creating harmonious relationships.
“Set a Spell” at the Country Store
Enjoy a heart-warming visit to a bygone era when a country store was the social center of a community and a hub of commerce. Growing up across the road from her Grandpa’s country store AlexSandra “Sandy Lynn” Lett encountered colorful characters who told spellbinding stories that she published in columns and books and now shares with audiences. Wearing her aunt’s 1968 Easter dress she presents entertaining anecdotes and penetrating ideas from her outrageous life and convoluted career. So pull up a chair and “set” a spell…
It’s Never Too Late to Have a Happy Childhood
Aging means growing older yet wiser and offers opportunities for pursuing new adventures in body, mind, and spirit. Drawing upon her experiences as a “young’un” to her years as a “big shot” AlexSandra Lett offers insights on making peace with our past, forgiving others, and feeling lively, excited, and passionate whatever our age. By thinking young, honoring experiences, and by implementing healthy living strategies people can feel totally alive. After all, it’s never too late to have a happy childhood!
Going Crazy…Getting Sane
“Am I going crazy or getting sane?” is what AlexSandra Lett asked when she closed her public relations/marketing company, left behind an upscale lifestyle, and retreated to a cabin in the woods in 1998. Seeking her authentic self she discovered the power of creativity and passion and found a unique voice as a writer and published several books. When taking risks people are more likely to be called crazy than innovative, however AlexSandra believes we must go out on a limb to pick the best fruit. Getting sane involves being true to ourselves, expressing our talents, finding our purpose, and feeling fully alive.
Reinvention Is the New Norm
When our ancestors were studying at home or going to school, reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic were sufficient. However, to thrive in today’s complex world people must draw upon new R’s: reassessment, resiliency, and reinvention. When the economy crashed in 2008 and her book sales declined, author AlexSandra Lett signed up for re-evaluation again and shifted her focus to speaking to audiences. Since the only constant in the modern business climate is change, reinvention is the new norm, but requires an understanding of the necessary stages. Such passages have tremendous potential for professional and personal evolution and can foster higher self-esteem and greater fulfillment.
Tools for Thriving Personally and Professionally
Stress creates a lack of harmony in ourselves and always leads to disharmony at home and in the workplace. AlexSandra Lett offers tools for breaking the cycle of surviving and establishing a pattern of thriving. Through examining three approaches to handling stress – coping, managing, and avoiding and preventing it – attendees discover how changing their habits, behaviors, and actions can create dynamic results. AlexSandra emphasizes thriving through balancing body, mind, and spirit and by effectively managing time, energy, and resources and offers group exercises to gain clarity about moving from surviving to thriving.


LENT – Lett’s Eliminate Negative Thinking
Positive thoughts, words, and actions enhance our attitudes, improve self-esteem, inspire creativity, promote innovation, boost productivity, and can transform our workplace. Participants will participate in group exercises that help them explore strategies for reducing stress, boosting energy, and increasing rapport in relationships. They will learn life skills for keeping their minds positive, bodies healthy, and environments harmonious. Healthy and happy people create healthy and happy homes and businesses!
Creating True Success
Seeking, seeking, seeking success, but what fun is fame and fortune if you feel stressed and overwhelmed? Striving, striving, striving for money and things, but what point is wealth is you don’t have quality time for yourself or others? Creating true success requires an understanding of our strengths and weaknesses and drawing upon the talents and skills of other people. Lasting success occurs when we are clear about our intentions, goals, objectives, and priorities, and live in congruence with our values and beliefs. AlexSandra Lett shares strategies for experiencing prosperity in our relationships, health, work, and play.
Doing What You Love and Making Money Too
Many people believe that if we do what we love, the money will follow, however there are specific steps to turning ideas into actions and allowing our dreams to become reality. Strategies include honoring our inner callings, discovering our purpose, developing our talents, sharpening our skills, taking action, creating excellence, working effectively, determining priorities, accomplishing objectives, getting paid for our products and services, and achieving success.
Marketing Your Products and Services
Whether you are doing what you love to do, starting a new venture, or building your business, marketing your products and services is a crucial component for budding entrepreneurs, small businesses, and large companies. The term marketing serves as the umbrella featuring spokes like advertising, promotion, publicity, public relations, media relations, event planning, strategic partnering, networking, social media, etc. Specific strategies will position your business in the marketplace, attract customers, stimulate sales, and help attain financial goals. 
Generating Free Publicity Through All Types of Media
Articles in the pages of a newspaper or magazine and a few minutes on radio or television, and items on social media websites can tremendously enhance a person’s reputation and boost a company’s image. Knowing the proper protocol to publicize business news and events by posting information on social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Inside919 can be effective in creating relationships with others in the marketplace. Attendees will gain knowledge of how to use mainstream media and social media to market and brand their businesses.
Networking Effectively Face-to-Face
To be successful in business it is important who you know. Networking relates to building relationships even before you need them, establishing trust, and eventually cultivating clients. While online networks have made it much easier to research and meet others in the marketplace and stay updated on their status and career news, nothing will ever replace the offline impact of face-to-face networking. In this workshop attendees will learn how to network more effectively and have the opportunity to practice their skills in a comfortable environment.
Networking Effectively with Social Media
While face-to-face-interaction remains the best form of networking, social media is the quickest method of making connections and creating relationships. Social media must be a part of any marketing plan. With social networking sites, people can research and initiate associations with other professionals easier than ever through facebook, LinkedIn, Inside919, Twitter, etc. The best networking plan is two-fold: attending person-to-person events and also spending quality time on the internet. Both strategies can foster mutual affiliations that will lead to win-win strategies for business development.

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